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In return for your contribution, Impact100 Fannin County will provide benefits as described in the 2024 Sponsorship Program summary.
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Charitable Contribution. Sponsor commits to make a charitable contribution to Impact100 Fannin County, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation (“Impact100 Fannin County”),
Sponsorship Benefits. In consideration of the Sponsor’s charitable contribution, Sponsor will receive the benefits associated with its sponsorship level as set forth in the Sponsorship Program. Impact100 Fannin County will arrange and bear all costs and expenses related to these benefits. Sponsor acknowledges that some benefits are time sensitive (such as event recognition, directory
inclusion, etc.) and may not be possible to provide within the same calendar quarter/membership cycle, depending upon when Sponsor makes its sponsorship commitment. Impact100 Fannin County will use good faith efforts to ensure that Sponsor receives benefits for a complete 12-month event cycle commencing upon the date of this Sponsorship Agreement.
No Endorsement/No Substantial Return Benefit. Impact100 Fannin County’s acknowledgement of Sponsor’s sponsorship, while identifying the Sponsor, will not endorse Sponsor’s products or services or contain any qualitative or comparative language or price information with respect to Sponsor’s products or services. Impact100 Fannin County will provide Sponsor no “substantial return benefit” and the sponsorship payment contemplated hereunder is intended as a “qualified sponsorship payment” as such terms are defined in in Section 513(i) of the Internal Revenue Code and accompanying regulations.
Non-Exclusivity. This sponsorship is non-exclusive. Each party reserves the right to have other sponsors or to sponsor other organizations.
Logo Recognition. If logo recognition is a sponsorship benefit, Sponsor will provide a high-resolution
logo to Impact100 Fannin County to be used solely for such purposes. Impact100 Fannin County will not modify or alter Sponsor’s logo in any way.
Promotion by Sponsor. Sponsor may publicly identify itself as a sponsor of Impact100 Fannin County subject to prior review and approval of language by Impact100 Fannin County. Sponsor will not imply, orally or in writing, that Impact100 Fannin County or its officers, directors or members endorse Sponsor or its products or services. Impact100 Fannin County owns the name and logo set
forth at the top of this Agreement (the “Impact100 Fannin County Logo”). Sponsor may not use the Impact100 Fannin County Logo in any manner without prior review and written approval of Impact100 Fannin County. In no event may the Impact100 Fannin County Logo or name be used in connection with the sale of a product or service, or in any manner that implies support or opposition to any political views or candidates. Requests for review and approval must be sent to info@impact100fannin.org. Upon request, Sponsor will provide Impact100 Fannin County with copies of any Sponsor materials that use the Impact100 Fannin County Logo.
Term of Sponsorship. The term of this Sponsorship Agreement begins on the date signed and shall continue for a one-year period. Upon expiration or earlier termination of the Agreement, each party shall cease use of the other’s name or logo, including acknowledgments of sponsorship.