Welcome to our inaugural issue of the Impact100 Fannin County newsletter! The goal of this newsletter is to provide existing and prospective Members with information regarding key activities, important dates, and insight into all the great work that’s taking place in Fannin County. Please let us know what you think! Send an email to info@impact100fannin.org with your thoughts. We’d love your feedback and to learn what type of information you’d like to see in upcoming issues.

Membership is open
In 2022, we donated $114,000 to two non-profits within Fannin County. Our first year was impressive. Without the loyalty and support of our Members, we would not have been as successful in our inaugural year. We were able to provide much needed funds to two deserving non-profits in Fannin County. It’s hard to believe, but in our first year we:Recruited 114 MembersHeld numerous eventsRecevied 14 letters of intentIdentified 10 full grant application recipientsAwarded Fannin County Family Connections $69,000 and North Georgia Mountain Crisis Network $45,000 for a total of $114k!We hope you’ve found your membership to be rewarding. If, like most of our Members, you’re satisfied with your membership, please consider renewing now. If you’ve been considering joining, now is the time! Membership will remain open until May 31st. Our goal for 2023 is to have a total of 150 Members. Visit www.impact100fannin.org for more information and to make an IMPACT in 2023.
Our event was a success…So we’ve decided to do a few more!We’ve held several successful Member and Member recruitment events this year. Local businesses and current Members have opened their doors and graciously hosted Impact100 Fannin. So far, ~100 Members have joined Impact100 Fannin in 2023, this includes renewals and new memberships.  

Our next event will be held on April 18th from 5pm-7pm at Bearclaw Winery. Bring a friend and come learn more about Impact100 Fannin and how you too can make an IMPACT. If you’re unable to make it that evening, please join us on May 2nd at The Tavern at Old Toccoa Farm from 5pm-7pm.  Evites will be forthcoming.  

Additional upcoming gatherings include an event on April 27th at Bar21 in Copperhill from 5pm-7pm. No registration is required, just come and relax with old friends while making new ones. Visit our website or follow along on social media to see photos and read the latest regarding upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Mark Your Calendars
Spring has sprung and there are quite a few activities taking place over the next several weeks, so mark your calendars and come join us!

Committee Update – Non-Profit Liaison 

We’re excited to share the Non-Profit Liaison committee has been working to develop an accurate list of non-profit organizations in Fannin County. At this time, 47 have been identified. Two non-profit Grant Educational Sessions have been held to educate the non-profits and to answer any questions on the grant timeline and process. A total of twenty-three people representing 16 non-profits have attended a session so far, with another meeting or two to be held in the next month.

Thank you to the committee chairs and members who participated and facilitated these meetings:
Carolyn Kibler (Grants), Cathy Day (Community Engagement) and NP Committee members Connie
Porter, Leslie Jarrett and Sandra McDaniel. Based on the comments and questions received, the
committee is working to clarify and provide additional information.

Members can learn more about the non-profits who have indicated an interest in applying for an
Impact100 Fannin County grant through events and opportunities that will be published in this
newsletter and on the website, www.impact100fannin.org. In addition, a non-profit fair will be featured at the Impact100 Fannin County Big Reveal. The Big Reveal will include all Members and interested non-profits. At the event, to be held on Tuesday, June 13 at The Tavern at Old Toccoa Farm, the total amount of the 2023 Grant dollars available will be announced. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please reach out to our Non-Profit Liaison Committee

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